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Ιnseminate Equipment Set

New Ιnseminate Equipment Set

The complete device (complete with microscope, LED light and anesthetic device) has the same functional parts as the aforementioned models. This compilation contains everything that is necessary for insemination of a queen bee, i.e. instrument, syringe, cannula, microscope, lighting and anesthetic device, as well as all necessary small parts. If necessary, the large anesthetic device for pressure bottles can be used. The slim design of the lens is advantageous. The work is done as usual with 10x magnification. Larger enlargements actually have no advantages for the insemination of queen bees. The higher quality zoom version with a sliding enlarged magnification range is slightly more expensive. Depending on the model, there may already be an integrated LED light source on the microscope, both as incident light and underfloor lighting. The now improved factory-integrated LED lighting from the manufacturers can actually be used well. They are also dimmable. Incidentally, the optics of the complete equipment shown below are equipped with a practical console plate for the anesthetic ball adapter and additional light if the LED point light is to be used in a warm tone with a gooseneck and constant current transformer (110 - 230 volts).

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