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Apisolis Electronic Smoker

Apisolis Electronic Smoker

Apisolis Electronic Cigarette (the price does not include the Native solution, you can select it in the "Available Options")

A new, easy to use, safe alternative for a beekeeper. The Apisolis has a bellows like a traditional smoker, but that's where the similarities end. Instead of using smoke, Apisolis produces a gentle vapor, which is based on ingredients found in essential oils. This avoids inhalation of toxic fumes and removes the risk of burns.

Temperature regulated and producing only a mild vapor on demand, Apisolis also completely avoids any fire risk. Safer for you and your bees. Once set up, Apisolis is very easy to use. It charges via USB cable and turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity to extend battery life. A major plus is that you don't come home after an inspection smelling like fire! Each kit includes Apisolis Unit, Tank, Resistor, USB cable, Instruction Manual. The Native refillable solution (120 ml) can be purchased separately or as part of the kit. To prepare Apisolis, follow the instructions below:

Fill the reservoir – Pour the solution into the gray container through the opening provided. Fill up to the limit indicated inside the tank. Prepare the element – Soak the element in the solution for 5 minutes. This prevents the inner cotton from burning.

Place the element – (after soaking for 5 minutes) on the silicone sealing part. Then place it in the tank, making sure that the solution does not overflow.

Place the tank – Place the tank in the space provided on the atomizer. Make sure it goes all the way down.

Charge it – Connect the supplied USB cable to the micro-USB port on the bottom of the vaporizer. To use Apisolis, follow the instructions below:

Apisolis does not have an on/off switch. Open and close the bellows three times in a vertical position, mouth down. A beep will sound four times. Once started, you can press the bellows to produce steam as and when you need it. To extinguish, hold the bellows closed with the mouth facing up for 3 seconds. A beep will sound once. After 20 minutes of inactivity, Apisolis automatically turns off to conserve battery. To check the battery, make sure the Apisolis is turned off and keep the bellows closed, it shoots upwards for 2 seconds. The colored LED will show the battery level: Green 80-100%, Orange 40-80% and Red 0-40%. A fully charged apisolis will last for about 70 inspections. A full solution chamber will "smoke" approx. 50 cells and one bottle of Native Solution can be used for approx. 300 inspections. You can see more information by clicking on the user guide and watching the videos below.

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