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Allure infusion collection solution

Allure infusion collection solution

Product Information "Allure Infusion Collection Solution"

Super concentrated, a single spray lasts up to 10 days (slightly less in hot climates).


a) Choose a spot up to 50 meters from your apiary where you can comfortably catch the swarm and spray it directly on the surface you want to attract them.

b) If you want to make a trap (with bee, box, etc.), spray once in the hive and once in the entrance of the hive. If you already have a frame in the trap with a foundation board, spray on the side of the frame that is near the entrance.

• The ideal height for your trap is about 6 feet.

• Check the trap regularly to catch any swarms it attracts.

• If you are sure that the area being sprayed does not emit an odor, repeat the spraying process.

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