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Apifit 200 ml

New Apifit 200 ml
Apifit is used to strengthen the bee colony during spring growth, as a dietary supplement during summer nectar shortage as well as preparation for winter.

Bees like Apifit because it is the ideal combination of different natural essential oils, plant polyphenols, sucrose and purified water.

· Improves the resistance of the bee colony to diseases
· calms the bees when you deal with them
· helps reduce varroa infestation
· stimulates the queen to initiate brood development in the spring
· facilitates the acceptance of the new queen added to the hive

Way of use:

Apply Apifit per hive in one of the following ways:
1. In sugar syrup: add 5 ml of Apifit to 1000 ml of sugar syrup (in a ratio of 1: 1).
2. To the pollen paste: add 10 ml of Apifit per 1000 gr of paste.
3. By spraying: add 5 ml of Apifit to 200 ml of sugar syrup and spray the bees in the hive with it.

Repeat the treatment several times a year.

For the Best Result: As a preventive method or if nosemiasis has been detected in the bee colony, the Nosevit preparation can be added to the Apifit treatment.

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