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Nozevit 200 ml

New Nozevit 200 ml
Nosevit is a completely natural preparation produced with a traditional recipe. Contains vegetable polyphenols and purified water. As a food supplement for bees it helps fight Nosemiasis (Nosema) caused by Noseme apis and Noseme ceranae.


· Made with only natural ingredients.
· Leaves no residue on honey or wax.
· Suitable for ecological beekeeping.
· Effective both as a preventive method and for the treatment of weak hives.
· Proven in continuous clinical and practical tests.
· Easy application.


Contenuto della confezione: 1 ml (20 pezzi) di acqua potabile :

1. Contenuto della confezione: 1 ml di Nozevit in 200 ml di contenitore (pagina 1: 1).
2. Contenuto della confezione: 1 ml di Nozevit per 500 g.
3. Contenuto della confezione: 1 ml di Nozevit e 200 ml di acqua potabile σσες στην κυψέλη με αυτό.

Dopo l'acquisto, Nozevit ha ricevuto 2 anni di esperienza (10 pezzi) e 2 pezzi (di cui άστημα 10 ημερών).

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