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10 Frame - Langstroth Complete Beehive

10 Frame - Langstroth Complete Beehive Fully assembled and ready to use. Includes base, li..


Bee 10 frames

Bee 10 frames with queens and honeycombs last year,healthy,with portability in your a..


Bee Broom Beekeeper's Brush

Product Information "Bee Broom"with light natural bristles 4 cm longsolid wooden handle and curved f..

Bee brush -14%

Bee brush

Bee brush with natural hair and comfortable handle...

5.00€ 4.30€
Bee brush -14%

Bee brush

Bee brush black hair. Artificial fibers, remove the bees from the frames without injuring them...

3.50€ 3.00€
Bee brush -9%

Bee brush

Bee brush with natural hair and comfortable handle. Natural hair, remove the bees from the fram..

6.40€ 5.80€

Bee night light LED

Bee night light LED Specifications: 1000 Hours. Switched on and off...

Bee with wheels -21%

Bee with wheels

The best gift for kids until the age of 2...and the walking is fun!!!..

21.00€ 16.50€

Beekeeper brush plastic bristles

Product information "Beekeeper brush plastic bristles"Bee brush - plastic bristles. It is suitable f..


Beekeeper's brush brown made of horse hair

Product information "Beekeeper's brush coffee large horsehair"Total length: 43 cmScanning width: 31 ..


Beekeeper's brush large yellow bristles

Product information "Beekeeper's brush large yellow bristles"Large beekeeper's broom. A synthetic fi..


Beekeeper's brush small brown made of horse hair

Product information "Beekeeper brown small horsehair brush"Total length: 25 cmScanning width: 14 cm..

Beekeeping brush -4%

Beekeeping brush

Bee brush.Made of wood and natural horse hair to remove the bees from the frames during the harvest...

2.60€ 2.50€

Beekeeping gloves

Beekeeping gloves made of cloth for greater comfort in handling.The values calculated by counti..

Beekeeping Scale XLOG -6%

Beekeeping Scale XLOG

The scales shall be constructed of stainless steel with waterproof housing electronic. Withstand loa..

895.00€ 840.00€

Beekeeping sweatshirt without hat

Beekeeping sweatshirt without hat sponge around the neck for positioning - stabilization of bee..


Beekeeping trouser

Beekeeping trouser.* The color is indicative...


BeeVital - Varromed 555ml



BeeVital ChalkBrood MycoStop 250ml

BeeVital ChalkBrood MycoStop 250ml - 01666 - Hygiene of the hive..


Blue bee pattern sheet 150 x 100 cm

Product information "Bee pattern bed sheet blue 150 x 100 cm, 130 gsm 100% cotton"..


Bottle for bee syrup 1.4 liters

Bottle for beekeeping use 1.4 liters made of reinforced plastic of great strength and with large gui..


Breeze AD Astronaut Beekeeping Jacket Ventilated

Astronaut Beekeeping Jacket with Zipper! Breeze is a breathable light suit, it consists of three lay..


Bronze bee earrings

Product information "Bronze bee earrings"Fashion jewelry in trendy bee lookGold colorDimensions: 10m..


Bronze bee necklace

Product information "Bronze bee necklace"Fashion jewelry in trendy bee lookGold colorChain length: 4..


Children's umbrella bee

Product information "Children's umbrella with bee"including the whistleThe children's umbrella has a..


Children's umbrella with bees

Product information "Children's umbrella with bees"including the whistleThe children's umbrella has ..