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Hive dual fixed bottom

Hive dual fixed bottom 10 frames of fir wood,type Langstrogh,shocked with perfect planing...


Modern beekeeping

Modern beekeeping.Care and protection of bees. Pollination, beekeeping and environment. Installation..


Jet spray 300ml

Jet spray 300ml.Used instead of smoker.Einai very simple and practical, with a sprinkling at th..


Natural candle sheet 75gr

Natural candle sheet 75gr,100% natural wax of known company "Chouchoutas"..


Εlectric embeders

Εlectric embeders to integrate wired honeycomb in frame. A reliable and economic solution!!..

DVD beekeeping for beginners -16%

DVD beekeeping for beginners

DVD beekeeping for beginners.Dvd training on "Beekeeping for Beginners" by experienced beekeeper Eva..

24.90€ 21.00€

Hive double with a moving bottom

Hive double with a moving bottom, type Langstrogh.Includes frames from pine wood and cap of&nbs..


Beekeeping gloves leather New type

Beekeeping gloves leather New type excellent quality, made from soft leather for greater comfor..


Beekeeping sweatshirt New type

Beekeeping sweatshirt New type.* The color is indicative...

Smoker stainless giant -30%

Smoker stainless giant

Smoker stainless giant,to last smoking our bees .... a little more!..

19.90€ 13.90€

Beekeeping suit with metal mesh

Beekeeping suit with metal mesh,to protect the entire body from the stings of bees! * The color is ..


Experiences of a beekeeper

Experiences of a beekeeper a beekeeping book written by Karakousi Dimitri. The Beekeeping insi..


Hive single with a moving bottom

Hive single with a moving bottom,type Australia,with strainer and drawer type Langstroth,cap of plyw..

Bee brush -10%

Bee brush

Bee brush.Remove the bees from the frames without injuring them. With comfortable handle and long pl..

5.20€ 4.70€

Galvanised smoker normal Papagianopoulos

Galvanised smoker normal Papagianopoulos with protective mesh...